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If the title confuses you don’t worry. Id expect even intermediate SEOs are not familiar with all of those letters. Domain Authority or DA is a well established SEO metric by Moz.com that many often confuse with Google’s ranking of keywords.  Lets just remind everyone interested in their DA …that it has NOTHING to do with Google’s search results.  It MAY be based on some of the same similar metrics as Google uses but its just a number someone other than Google guessed.

Moz On DA

Moz On DA

Moz PR Tweeting They’ll Change How DA Is Marketed

What are the other SEO Metrics? Domain Authority Alternatives

DS – Domain Score by SEMRush
DR – Domain Rank
DP – Domain Pop
DT – Domain Trust by SEMRush
AS – Authority Score by SEMRush
TF – Trust Flow by Majestic
CF – Citation Flow by Majestic
Moz Spam – Is Another Moz Metric

For a more in depth look at each ranking we’ve included the SEO Metrics category from our FAQ section.

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